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☆ The Stone Souls - 'splinter'

"All I want,
a place to rest my head,
silence the fear,
the pain and beyond
for death is the gate to life...


'Splinter' is the soundtrack for the short-film: a story about the journey of the soul.
The film is produced by The Stone Souls, starring Alina Lee and features collaborations with Tyler-Marie Evans and Studio Waandbeeld.
The tracks on Splinter (OST) represent the journey of the main character that struggles with anxiety and feeling lost in the urban jungle and digital swamp of modern society. Starting with banging drums and rough vocals on All I Want to represent the overstimulation of modern life, A Place to Rest my Head takes the main character on the run. With the consolidating Silence The Fear we enter the calm after the storm, which quickly ends with the setbacks described in the lyrics of The Pain And Beyond. Finally, the tunes of For Death Is The Gate Of Life bring the realization that life is to be lived without fear.  

The Stone Souls - 'Splinter'

Music: Theodor Versteegen

Performed by: The Stone Souls

Lyrics 'All I Want': Alina Lee & Theodor Versteegen

Mixing: Theo Janssen at TJamp Records

Mastering: Ivo Statinski at Statinski Mastering

Production: Theo Janssen & Theodor Versteegen

Album cover: Keri Newton

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