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☆ The Stone Souls - 'Misfits'

"When we were young we would take to the woods
Do you remember? 
Misfits making homes in the trees
Finding friends in the beetles and the birds 
We’d grow sick of each other 
Then come back with nowhere else to go 
And the woods 
She sang to us 
Do you remember? 
She sang

Safe safe safe safe"

                                                                  - Alina Lee

'Misfits' is a sonic roadtrip through the desert.
At every crossroad new characters meet and reflect at different stages of their lives.
Though desire, regret, love and grief leave their marks,
they have no other choice than to move forward to the next horizon.

The Stone Souls - 'Misfits'

Music: Theodor Versteegen

Performed by: The Stone Souls

Mixing: Theo Janssen at TJamp Records

Mastering: Ivo Statinski at Statinski Mastering

Production: Theo Janssen & Theodor Versteegen

Album cover: Keri Newton

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