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☆The Stone souls☆

The Stone Souls are a sonic roadtrip; blending the best of Desert Rock with Americana, settling among pop melodies from days gone by. They bring you slide guitars, mariachi trumpets, cinematic passages and heartfelt stories about oddballs and dreamers. 


Established in 2020 by songwriter Theodor Versteegen, as a duo The Stone Souls released the two albums: The Stone Souls (2020) & Misfits (2022), which led them to venues as Luxor Live and Zwarte Cross. 


The Stone Souls currently consists of Theodor Versteegen, Dayenne Wielheesen, Bas Janssen and Niek Witjes. In 2024 they will release two Eps: Splinter (OST) in spring and Riptide in fall.

Oh, and did we mention the production of their short film?

Anyway, The Stone Souls might just pop up rocking a stage near you so keep an eye on their tour dates!

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