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☆The Stone souls☆

The Stone Souls is a sonic road trip which leads you along raw canyons and silent streams. Behind the wheel are the soulful singer Lina Kuipers and master of riffage Theodor Versteegen. They bring you slide guitars, mariachi trumpets, cinematic passages and heartfelt stories about oddballs and dreamers. The Stone Souls is a two-faced band: either a stomping formation that mixes roots and stoner rock or a subtle duo consisting of just Theodor and Lina. So wherever you may see or hear them perform, you always get the perfect dose of Stone Soul Spirit!  


During the lockdown, The Stone Souls mainly showed their calmer side, in 2022 the band will go full throttle releasing their second album Misfits. The title track refers to the ultimate western road movie that Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe made in 1961. From the meadows of Old-Zevenaar, the caravan of The Stone Souls will hit the road to perform at pop stages, festivals, saloons and churches telling their own story of friendship and desire. 

the stone souls, lina kuipers, theodor versteegen
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