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☆The Stone souls☆

The Stone Souls are a sonic roadtrip; blending the best of Desert Rock with Americana,

settling among pop melodies from days gone by.

Slide guitars, mariachi trumpets, cinematic passages and heartfelt stories about oddballs and dreamers: 

It's the sound from the meadows of Old-Zevenaar (NL).

Established in 2020 by songwriter Theodor Versteegen accompanied by Lina Kuipers, the two formed a full band which led them to venues as Luxor Live and Zwarte Cross.

After 3 years and 2 albums (The Stone Souls, 2020 & Misfits, 2022) Lina choose her own path.

But the musical caravan continues as Theodor and the band continue to work with their creative partners

-Keri Newton, Alina Lee, Tyler-Marie Evans and Studio Waanbeeld- for their upcoming project Splinter.

Splinter is a short movie about the journey of the soul.

Both the script and the music come from The Stone Souls and usher in a new era of stories yet to be told…

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